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36 Paper Crafts Anyone Can Make

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❶Thank you to MaryAnn Kohl for permission to share this poem with you!

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Story Hour ::January::

Plus, they're a breeze to make. Four-petaled paper dogwood flowers offer a way to enjoy spring year-round. Making them calls for basic folds and cuts -- no pruning required.

Dress up accordion-style lanterns with paper ribbons inscribed with the words "America the Beautiful. Cut from card stock using specialty craft punches , these botanical embellishments are an easy way to spruce up envelopes and gift bags.

Sew the fasteners on with silk beading cord, and double-knot on the back. Then wind a length of cord in a figure eight to close. Or simply wrap the cord around an envelope or bag, and secure with a single bud. The "cracked" tops of papier-mache eggshells with pink, gold, and white linings become dishes for foil-wrapped chocolates and candy eggs.

For the nest, decorative paper is cut with fringe scissors. Use loop-shaped craft punches to create handmade photo ornament frames to hang from your tree or give as a gift. These botanical motifs, cut like paper snowflakes, pay tribute to Hawaiian quilts. You can frame a single cutout or an arrangement of them, in one color or in several.

Create these summery prints using rubber fish forms, delicate rice paper, and drawing inks. Hang the prints to dry, and then frame them as memories of the season. All a young puppeteer needs for these simple playthings is a few paper bags, some scraps of colored paper, and a lazy afternoon. These one-of-a-kind night-lights with paper-cutout designs are a charming addition to any child's room. Kids love having their favourite pop stars on their cups and mugs, just find a picture and have a go.

You can keep it really simple with our special photo quality adhesive paper. Simply print, peel and stick onto models, kids bedroom door signs, CD's or household containers. Making stickers can be both fun and addictive. Or why not decorate yourself? Use our waterslide paper for perfecting nail art or our tattoo transfer paper to gain realistic looking fake tattoos in minutes - fun for all the family.

Featured Transfer Paper Sticker Paper. I featured her story stones back in and I'm so happy to see her expand this storytelling theme into a whole book! Emily is a crafter and teacher and combines elements of both into her book.

Emily's crafting sense makes these projects easy to do, accessible, and fun. Components like group activities, storytelling prompts, and writing exercises make this book perfect for educational settings.

Many projects caught my attention, such as the Story Map where you make a map of an imaginary land and create stories about the residents and the Storytelling Walk where you visually collect items from a walk and then draw and paint the items to tell their story.

One of my favorites was the Story Blocks and I am sharing that with you today! Following the excerpt you can read the giveaway details - two winners will receive their own copy of Show Me a Story! Used with permission of Storey Publishing. Photograph c Buff Strickland Turn plain wooden blocks into movable storytelling prompts. Line up the blocks in a certain order and use them to tell a story. Take turns, and the next person can rearrange the blocks and tell a different story. There is something very satisfying about the heft of these blocks.

When your children add new characters to their stories, they feel the weight of the characters in their hands as they place them in the storytelling lineup. These blocks give children a chance to use their bodies and their brains. Educators and therapists who work with young children will appreciate this balanced combination of gross-motor and cognitive skills. Depending on the finish on the blocks, you may need to rough them up with a bit of sandpaper.

Select pleasing, inviting colors for the blocks. You can paint them in a variety of colors, all the same color, or different shades of one color, as you wish. Paint three sides of the blocks, and stand them up on the unpainted side to dry. Repeat this process until all the blocks are well coated in paint. Do you want to leave the blocks in their natural state? Or use a stain rather than opaque paint, so that the wood grain shows through. The more the blocks are tailored to your individual taste, the better.

Sort through images and choose ones that seem interesting, creative, funny, or just darn cute. You can use drawn images as well. Given that the blocks are most likely of different sizes and shapes, take care to match each one individually with a picture.

Choose a block and then look through the magazines for an image that would fit on it nicely. Use the pencil and a block to lightly trace an outline around the image, but cut out the image a bit smaller than the outline. With a foam brush, coat the front of a block with a thin layer of Mod Podge and firmly press the picture onto it. Carefully press out any air bubbles and wrinkles, then coat with another layer of Mod Podge.

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A list of 27 creative paper crafts for adults by DIY Inspired and other favorite craft bloggers. Hello everybody, I love to craft and I have a passion for creating. I hope a can inspire people with my work.

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Check out our creative writing resources aiming to inspire and support you! Encourage story telling and role play with our fun story crafts for kids. See our collection of free paper finger puppets and DIY story games. Creative Writing: The Craft of Character from Wesleyan University. At the center of a good story are the characters in it. In this course aspiring writers will discover how to build and bring to life complex, vivid and unforgettable characters.