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Math homework help please?

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❶The ultimate goal of a sanctuary should be to change the way that humans think of, and treat, non-human animals.

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You might want to give some thought to the definition of "community". Furthermore, consider whether it is true for everyone, that the benefits of being part of a community outweigh the losses?

What if, for example, to BE part of that community, you have to do things that are against your morals or What if, for example, to BE part of that community, you have to do things that are against your morals or values?

What if the standards of the community change over time, and no longer reflect your character or integrity? What if you are a minority member of a community when the community overall is hateful to you? Please help i need some answers for my presentation about africa. Where does africa culture originates? If the earth stop spinning will a shadow clock still work this is for my homework? Who is the most infamous left winger in history A rectangle has a length of 5.

What are the perimeter and area of this rectangle? Describe your attitude towards raising children and child guidance? Can you please help me to answer this question? Probably APA as that is used more in the social sciences and sciences, but your teacher is the best source of that information. Our nursing school has a writing specialist to help students with their papers.

Can some one please help with history homework? I need to write an essay describing one of the framers of the Constitution, what colony they represented and their political stance during the revolutionary war.

Along with a list of their accomplishments. I just cant seem to find a framer may you guys please give me a list of framers? Describe in detail the three 3 main jobs of state legislatures? How do i find out health data on porn stars? How can I feel less overwhelmed? Typically I get home from school at 4: I help my brother with his homework for and hour and take a couple of hours to Biosphere reserves - are protected environments that are recognized around the world for their conservation efforts and scientific skills.

They help improve the environment and share information about conservation and the management of ecosystems. National Parks - are areas of special scenic, historical, or scientific importance set aside and maintained by a national government and in the United States by an act of Congress.

Wildlife Sanctuary - means a place of refuge for abused, neglected, unwanted, impounded, abandoned, orphaned, or displaced wildlife. The World Network of Biosphere Reserves is the collection of all biosphere reserves in countries as of May, Through appropriate zoning and management, the conservation of these ecosystems and their biodiversity is sought to be maintained. The design of the reserve must include a legally protected core area, a buffer area where non-conservation activities are prohibited, and a transition zone where approved practices are permitted.

This is done with regard for the sustainable use of natural resources for the benefit of local communities. This effort requires relevant research, monitoring, education and training.

All the above are tools for implementing Agenda 21, the Convention on Biological Diversity and other international agreements. Unlike animal shelters, sanctuaries do not seek to place animals with individuals or groups, instead maintaining each animal until his or her natural death. In some cases, an establishment may have characteristics of both a sanctuary and a shelter; for instance, some animals may be in residence temporarily until a good home is found and others may be permanent residents.

The mission of sanctuaries is generally to be safe havens, where the animals receive the best care that the sanctuaries can provide. Animals are not bought, sold, or traded, nor are they used for animal testing. The resident animals are given the opportunity to behave as naturally as possible in a protective environment. What distinguishes a sanctuary from other institutions is the philosophy that the residents come first.

In a sanctuary, every action is scrutinized for any trace of human benefit at the expense of non-human residents. Sanctuaries act on behalf of the animals, and the caregivers work under the notion that all animals in the sanctuary, human and non-human, are of equal importance. A sanctuary is not open to the public in the sense of a zoo; that is, the public is not allowed unescorted access to any part of the facility.

A sanctuary tries not to allow any activity that would place the animals in an unduly stressful situation. One of the most important missions of sanctuaries, beyond caring for the animals, is educating the public.

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a sanil crawled 6 inches in 1 minute. what was its approximate speed in feet per second? please help, how do i obtain the answer? 6 answers · 3 days ago Describe a data set that you have encountered or could envision that would be applicable to your current job, a past job or a life situation?

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Feb 19,  · A transferable skill are ones you learn which relate to various roles in life. For example, good writing skills are a transferable skill. (Points: 5) True False 2. Non-traditional sources of jobs include all but one of the following: (Points: 5) The local Chamber of Commerce College Placement Services Employment Agencies Resolved.

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Feb 27,  · Hey, I'm having a ton of trouble with two questions from my maths homework. If anyone could show my how to go about doing them I'd be really grateful. Thanks! 1) a- write the equation 3sin^2 x + 4cos x in the form acos^2 x + bcosx + c b- hence, or otherwise, solve the equation 3sin^2 x + 4cosx - 4 = 0 where x is larger than Status: Resolved. Jan 08,  · Homework is a pain in the ***, but it's worth it and the consequences of not doing it are low grades, low self esteem, hating school, angry parents, and awkwardness around Resolved.

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May 13,  · Q. Elevation in boiling point was °C when 6g of a compound was dissolved in g of water. What is the molecular weight of the compound? K= K mol^-1 gH2O Ans. 60 g I m having trouble converting the units of K to standard. (T-T° = K * Molality) Do explain the process. Thank youStatus: Resolved. Jun 20,  · Well, I don't the difference between Biosphere reserves, National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries. I'm really confused. And I've got a social science project to make on these topics. So, I was just wondering if you people can help me out. Thank you! P.S: Please use simple English since I'm not good at Resolved.