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15 scholarly search engines every student should bookmark

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The Top Ten Search Engines for Students
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The wonder wheel function, for instance, can be accessed from the side bar. Click one of the stems and you get a further set of search results that are more focused than your original return. As you do this, the search result summaries update on the right hand side of the screen to provide you with the updated results.

You should also check out the time line feature. Searching for a person, or historical event, the time line can sort your results chronologically. You can select individual decades, or years, to further hone the focus of your search. The time line feature is accessed in the same way as the wonder wheel.

Both are great features for education. It is based on a custom Google search engine. This means that safe search is a default setting, and that there are no adverts of any kind displayed alongside student search results. The front page has some links to student friendly sites, while teachers can copy the HTML code to embed it as a search engine on their classroom websites.

The Primary School ICT Safe Search website does not have many unique hooks or tricks, but it does what it sets out to do well, and is a great homepage for school computers. Enter your search terms in the search box and press the search button. The cloud above is then filled with words that you may generate from a class brainstorming session.

All the terms are related to your initial keyword search, and can be used to further hone your results. Click on one of the words in the cloud and it is added to your initial search. The results below the cloud are then updated to include the additional search terms. To deselect a word from the cloud, simply click it again. The results you get are based on what you would get from searching kids.

The homepage is clearly split up into educational categories that you can browse through, but most users will likely dive straight in and use the search bar at the top of the page. The results you get are usually very focused and may not return more than 7 or 8 results.

However, they do provide useful extras like reading levels for the articles it returns, and a subject to help you know whether it is relevant to the information you are seeking. The advanced search functions let you search by reading levels, and by whether or not the website has a large picture content or not. A full review of KidsClick! Yahooligans is a well established player in the arena of student friendly search engines. For me, the homepage is a little too distracting, so head over to kids.

The search box at the top of the page is less than obvious, but always returns some well filtered, relevant results. The results are categorized, so that the student can find the best sites for their needs, and not have to deal with millions of unsorted pages. However, uncategorized safe search results are also returned at the bottom of the page for a more open approach. Yahooligans is a great site for elementary kids, but is best used supervised in an educational setting in order to make sure that students are on task and not straying onto the music, video, and games links that are littered around the site.

Created by Stephen Wolfram, this technological marvel is capable of calculating things that it would take a hundred or more individual websites to do. It uses a complex set of algorithms to answer questions or calculations that you input into the search box. Type in a city and you will be greeted with maps and more demographics than you will ever need. Enter equations, dates, math formulas, or just about anything else, and you will be amazed at the results that are returned.

You can find everything from the nutritional value of an apple, to the real time position of the International Space Station as it orbits Earth. An Apple app is available so that you can also add it to any iPod Touch devices you may use in your classroom.

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