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Essay on love at first sight

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Neither of them are set in a modern time. The stories reflect on each other quite well. The story was mainly in one town. Cyrano de Bergerac took place all over France. Both of them have a balcony scene. On the other hand Cyrano de Bergerac had three people involved. Both of the stories had catholic over laps. There are three main characters in Romeo and Juliet. Juliet a very young girl not in search of love stumbles upon Romeo and falls in love with him.

Romeo an air headed teenager thought he had found the girl for him until he met Juliet. There are four main characters in Cyrano de Bergerac. Roxanne is the main star. She loves the idea of love. She not being as young as Juliet was very well liked. Christian the pretty boy is in love with Roxanne but he has no words to explain it. This made me a gullible romantic, Holding on to the hopes of white knights on unicorns etc.

To make a long story short, I listened to my gut and learned that Alex was definitely more like a brick than a white knight. The brick that he was hurt me so badly; it felt like dying and heart stopping. He was a young man learning his place in the world, As much as I was a young woman learning my place. We were opposites in every way while we were learning and so he broke my heart not once, Not twice, But three times over the course of 10 years.

So, I fell in love with myself, Took care of myself, And I became strong. Again, To keep the story short, Alex and I found our places in life and we are working to nurture the foundation that our journey together, And apart, Have built for us. We are engaged to be married this year and the love that I feel for him now was erected from that initial gut feeling that he was right.

Love, The real soulful, Passionate and sincere love, Came to us much later. I hope that whoever reading this on either side of the debate love and accept themselves, That they follow their guts, And that they find love and happiness. I do believe in love at first sight and yes love at first sight do exist. Love is uncontrollable, crazy, unpredictable. If you love someone we cannot control our feelings, we forgot the fact that oh I need to know him, I shouldn't just fall in love right away because we cannot control our feelings.

Just like on what I've experienced I'm so in love to that guy at the first sight and I don't even know him. It looks ridiculous because I don't even know him but because of the power of love, I have loved him. When we see someone at the first time particularly a good person, we feel that we are having strange feelings towards them, and because of these kinds of feelings, we don't know what to say to each other, then we start hesitating, after that we'll want to see each other more.

Going from personal anecdotal evidence I have to say 'yes' but caution it with a 'not really'. The very second I saw her I felt like I had known her forever. Here's the difficult part. I was already taken so couldn't pursue the relationship. I've had many sleepless nights since dealing with the guilt of this powerful connection to another woman.

In my case probably not. It's nothing like the real love I feel for my wife. Is it just lust? No, strangely enough, even though I have many guilty day dreams about this woman, they haven't been sexual. So what is it. I suspect something about this woman triggered some unconscious part of my brain to start releasing the same hormones that you produce when "in love".

I've no doubt had I been in a position where I could nurture those feelings it would have quickly developed into real love But since I'm fighting them instead it hasn't really matured. I suspect love-at-first sight may be just the love hormones being released subconsciously in the brain. Thus it feels like love and sort of is love, but it isn't the complete thing. Become the full package but doesn't start that way. I think it is all in the eye contact. You can see someone around the place all the time and just not really notice them until one day.

You look into their eyes properly for the first time and you both just know. From then on every time you make eye contact, it is as if you are sharing secret thoughts and feelings with each other. For a few magical seconds while you are both looking at each other you know you have to get to know this person. It feels desperate, the most important thing in the world. It is love at first sight but not based on good looks or a nice body or whatever else you might think.

It is so real. I was in 8th grade and i fell in love with a girl i wont tell u the name the first time i saw her make me fell instance fellings for her in the first time i saw her and i bet millions of people fell the same felling too. Ill tell you why its real because I'm living it. Well a little over 5 years ago I met my wife through a friend and the second I saw he I said to him I'm going to marry her today, tomorrow, next week, year or 10 years.

Point is I would marry her. Well we got together may off and wed 4 months later to the day in September and now are still very happily married for 5 years. I wouldn't change a thing and I'm still in love with her as much as when I first saw her and more. When one thinks of love they should think of it in the most intimate sense.

Love cannot be thrown around because it is far more that an emotion or a feeling, its a state of being. Being in love does not essentially mean thinking of that person nonstop, being attracted to that person. Its a metaphysical connection of the soul. When you love someone you take into account all of their flaws and all of their promising aspects and chose to take them as they are.

Love involves acceptance, and by that I mean that you love someone fully not halfheartedly. Love at first sight is impossible, because you don't know who that person is, they don't have a sign with everything about them on it.

All you see is the exterior and you can like the way someone looks but you can't love them when you first see them. When you say you love someone you're insinuating that you love what they look like as well as who they are, if you don't know that then you cant love someone. Love without knowledge is not love at all, its lust and desire to know more. I'm 16 and even I know this You cant just go looking at every guy or girl thinking that it is live at first sight.

You have to get to know the person first before you think you love them. You want to now what their personality is. If you see a really pretty girl or a handsome guy, and later find out that they are complete jerks, then that will suck for you and you will be heart broken.

If you claim to love someone at first site, that's exactly it. You only love the first glimpse of them. You don't actually know them yet. They could be an ax murderer or something, or they might actually be a nice person. My point is, you don't really know them, so its not true love. I'm not saying that I don't believe in love at first sight and I am not saying that I do. I feel that social media influences teens ways of loving a young man or women. I feel that the more people start to believe in that bad boys are cute or best friends make the best relationships, they began to search for those guys to be in a relationship.

Once they search for it, then it wouldn't be considered love at first sight.

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Below is an essay on "Do You Believe In Love At First Sight?Why Or Why Not?" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. love at first site is impossible/5(1).

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- The Phenomenon of Love at First Sight in Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare One of the first things that make reader believe in love at first sight is the way Shakespeare created two characters who should of hated each other in the form of Romeo and Juliet but who instantly fell in love the moment they first saw each other. The debate is same as which come first, egg or the hen. It shall go on probably forever. Love at first sight or lust, no matter which way you look at this, it is still interesting to read stories and watch movies made on this topic.

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Love at First Sight Love at first sight is a very difficult condition to define. According to (par.1): "Love at first sight is an emotional situation whereby a character feels romantic and connected affectionately for a . I strongly believe that love is acquired through trials and ordeals and is never instantly grasped. I can say that I do not agree or support the statement, "Love at first sight", but I do believe the statement should go, "Attraction at first sight.".