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❶However, at that moment my teacher told me what a brave boy I was and how amazed she was that I was not crying.

To what extent have media representations of gender changed in recent decades?

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Interestingly, not one single-sex commercial featuring girls shows any act of aggression Bowker Another example of how this can be reinforced even by women who may or may not be trying to promulgate such a belief is with an experience I had growing up: When I would get a cut or a bruise, I would muster up all the strength I had to not cry.

On one occasion I had a severe cut in my knee that required several stitches. When I took a look at the wound after rolling up my pant leg, my first inclination was to break out crying. However, at that moment my teacher told me what a brave boy I was and how amazed she was that I was not crying.

She probably did not realize that she was sending a message to me that if I cried I would not be tough enough, and therefore I would not become a real man. This initial reinforcer is a major impetus for boys wanting to learn athletics Thompson It may not be just that dad watches athletics on TV, but also in speaking with his son, he may encourage him to develop his athletic prowess.

All of these factors serve as primary socializers in instilling within boys the desire to excel physically. Most of what a young boy learns about what it means to be masculine is presented to him at such an early stage that he accepts it as an inevitable truth.

William Betcher reports that some societies take this concept to an extreme. As boys grow older, their bodies develop and they enter junior high and high school. At this point they begin to really understand that physical prowess and largess are the ideal. To see how this is done, we can simply look at the emphasis given to athletics versus the emphasis given to academics in public schools.

Understandably, how schools emphasize athletics over academics is going to have some influence over the way young men think and visualize the importance of physical prowess, but the true legitimator is how athletes are seen by the student?

The implication in this phrase is that men should be immune to pain and not show any emotion. To show emotion would be a sign of weakness and society would view them as abnormal or inferior Pollack I have covered the socialization process showing how physical prowess is objectified and legitimated in males.

This process, however, does not end in high school. As men move into their twenties and thirties, health and fitness become issues of concern. Invariably you will find on the cover, men flaunting their toned, muscular bodies, and often you will find them with a seductively beautiful and toned woman by their side. These toned and muscled men are seen and depicted by society as the ideal.

They may not be the healthiest individuals and probably are not. Along with the emphasis on health and fitness comes the continued advent of athletic prowess. From the beginning of male life to the very end, society has determined that men must be strong, tough, aloof, and powerful to be considered masculine and not weak or effeminate.

Is this all that society and women want in men? They must also demonstrate competence intellectually, spiritually and emotionally. This argument is not to say that being physically fit and healthy is a negative characteristic, but rather it is only trying to point out that what society is defining as the ideal is later revoked by that same society, or at the very least discarded and seen as secondary to the truly important mental prowess, sensitivity and intelligence.

This is where the double standard becomes evident. We tell them they have to stand on their own two feet and we shame them if they show any emotion. It appears that the standard defined by society allows men to express their emotion only through anger.

Rigid stereotypes have been emphasized to them from an early age of what it means to really be a man. However, men are often criticized for being one dimensional in their behavior and emotions. They are expected by society to be sensitive and show their emotions.

Why do women think men are so insensitive? Do they realize that insensitivity is what men have been taught their whole lives? Realistically, men are in a no? Socialization Why do we choose blue for boys and pink for girls? Why do we have girls take dance and boys play baseball? There is no genetic difference as to why women would do laundry and a man would mow the lawn. This is a result of externalization Bowker Could it be said that genetics play a factor in what is so often considered to be a socially defined aspect of male masculinity?

While the free essays can give you inspiration for writing, they cannot be used 'as is' because they will not meet your assignment's requirements. Waste no more time! Everybody jumped on him, beat the hell out of him Everybody was hitting him or kicking him. One guy was kicking at his spine.

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Teen Suicide essay Teen Suicide is a major killer of teenagers today. Verbalizing about this more gives ways to help prevent teen suicide, such as identifying disorders they may have and providing. Free Essays Must Be Free! Men And Masculinity Essay While the free essays can give you inspiration for writing, they cannot be used 'as is' because they will not meet your assignment's requirements.

Men and Masculinity Why are men so sensitive when it comes to their masculinity? This question came to me when I began reading the introduction of this section on sex. I believe that men are pushed into a social stereotype just like women are. They are told how to act, when to cry, and when to be tough from a very young age. These traits are not only bestowed upon them by their parents, but by movies, music and government of the past and present.

Men have this problem due to the social construction. According to many heterosexual males that I have talked to, they feel that if they hang out with a homosexual or become a homosexual themselves, they would be deceiving the morals and values bestowed upon them when they were young.

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Masculinity is a topic that has been debated in our society very often. Many wonder what it means to be masculine, and if we can really assign a definition to such a one-sided term. Do individuals views determine what constitutes as masculine? Masculinity has certain characteristics assigned to it by our culture.

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- Masculinity The definition of masculinity; Is the fact of being a man or having qualities considered typical of a man. I was stuck in that sentence that what is the qualities considered typical of a man.

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Sociology Essay - To what extent have media representations of gender (masculinity and femininity) changed in recent decades. The Masculinity is one of the most popular assignments among students' documents. If you are stuck with writing or missing ideas, scroll down and find inspiration in the best samples. Masculinity is quite a rare and popular topic for writing an essay, but it certainly is in our database.

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Unlike most editing & proofreading services, we edit for everything: grammar, spelling, punctuation, idea flow, sentence structure, & more. Get started now! Feminism and Masculinity Essay Words | 4 Pages. contemporary society, hegemonic masculinity is defined by physical strength and boldness, heterosexuality, economic independence, authority over women and other men, and .