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Orthopedic Terms and Definitions

❶Pressure is then released from either the radial or ulnar artery, and the rapidity with which the hand regains color is noted.


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From inside the book. Contents Introduction to the orthopaedic specialty. Classifications of fractures dislocations and sportsrelated injuries. Musculoskeletal diseases and related terms. Nelson Snippet view - Nelson , Carolyn Taliaferro Blauvelt No preview available - References to this book Adapted Aquatics Programming: William Gayle , Shawn F.

Stevens No preview available - Adapted Aquatics Programming 2nd Edition: William Gayle , Shawn Stevens Limited preview. Compression fracture When the normal vertebral body of the spine is squashed, or compressed, to a smaller height. Fascia A fibrous membrane covering, supporting and separating muscles, as well as uniting the skin with underlying tissue.

Hypertrophy An increase in the size of a body organ or tissue due to enlargement of its component cells rather than tumor formation. Intervertebral Between the vertebrae — the bones that make up the spine. Meniscus A C-shaped piece of cartilage that serves as a shock-absorption system, helps lubricate the joint, and limits the ability to flex and extend the joint.

Minimally invasive A type of surgery—sometimes called laparoscopic surgery—performed through small incisions. MRI magnetic resonance imaging A medical imaging technique most commonly used in radiology to visualize the internal structure and function of the body.

A prescription or over-the-counter medication taken for relief of pain and inflammation. Orthotic An orthopedic appliance designed to support, straighten or improve the functioning of a body part. Physician assistant An advanced practice clinician licensed to practice medicine with the supervision of a licensed physician. Reconstructive surgery Surgery to restore the form and function of the body.

Rotator cuff The group of muscles and their tendons that act to stabilize the shoulder. Spinal stenosis A narrowing of the spinal canal, often the result of a degenerative condition that develops in people over age Spinous process A slender projection from the back of a spinal vertebra to which muscles and ligaments are attached.

Spur A bone spur or osteophyte is an outgrowth or ridge that forms on a bone. Tendon A tough band of fibrous connective tissue that usually connects muscle to bone and is capable of withstanding tension.

Try the extended glossary from www. Fairfield Medical Center is pleased to welcome Arthur F. Gentle Exercise - Childbirth Education Series - 5:

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Arthritis—inflammation of a joint or joints resulting in pain or swelling; ACL—anterior cruciate ligament; attaches to the front of the knee and passes through the middle of the knee; functions to prevent hyperextension of the joint and to prevent the femur from sliding backward in relation to the ACL is particularly prone to sports injuries due to stretching and tearing of the.

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Become more informed about your orthopedic care and check out our comprehensive glossary of common orthopedic terms. Brief definitions to orthopedic terminology arranged topically in 12 chapters. Intended for nurses, secretaries, technicians, and physicians (particularly those in orthopedics). Updated and expanded edition that reflects current terminology. Miscellaneous appendixes. Bibliography. Index.

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Orthopedic Glossary Arthroplasty Total Joint Replacement — A joint replacement involving an internal prosthesis by removing the diseased joint and replacing the acetabular components with either metal or plastic materials and a metal prosthesis of the femoral segment. Orthopedic and Neurosurgery Operative Words / Terms For Medical Transcriptionists Orthopedic Medical Transcription Operative Sample Reports For Medical Transcriptionists Pediatric Discharge Summary Medical Transcription Sample Report for MTs.