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Essay on Tree Plantation.

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❶They can be planted in road sides and in all educational institutions. Like this very much..

Tree Plantation Essay in Hindi 200 Words

Essay on Importance of Tree Plantation in English
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They causes rainfall which helps our farmers grow better crops. Trees play a vital role in maintaining ecological balance. Many valuables medicine are prepared from the leaves, roots and barks of trees. The tree adds to the beauty of nature. But this life saving element is being cut down at random for various purposes all the year round. So, it is a great threat to our existence on earth. Specially, the developing countries like India become greatly affected by deforestation.

As a result, tree plantation projects is must in our country. It is high time we made tree plantation program successful for our greater interest. June and July are the best time for planting trees.

It is time we must recognize the importance of tree plantation and contribute our bit towards the same. Plantation of trees and plants aids in making the environment better.

It purifies the air, conserves water, helps in climate control, preserves soil and benefits the overall environment in several other ways. On the one hand there are industrialists and ministers who are blinded by money. All they want is to expand their business and earn money. On the other hand there are those who care about the environment and are working towards improving its condition selflessly. They are involved in planting trees, cleaning the water bodies and other activities to make the environment clean and green.

Many non-profit organizations have been formed across the globe by the joint efforts of such people. Besides being involved in the process of tree plantation and other such activities many of these NGOs also promote the cause by performing street side plays, updating their social pages and visiting schools and colleges to spread the word. Students are given brief knowledge about the importance of tree plantation and keeping the environment clean in their environmental science class.

They learn the lesson for their exam and forget about it later. This is not how it should be. Special classes must be conducted to sensitize them about the importance of growing trees and plants. Teachers must stress upon the importance of tree plantation in these sessions and make the students understand how they can help in changing the environment for good. It is a good idea for the schools and colleges to collaborate with some NGOs and take the students out for cleanliness drives as well as for tree plantation every month.

Practical experience always has a far greater impact compared to theoretical knowledge. This will generate their interest in this field and encourage them to make an effort in this direction.

Besides, if each student from each school and college in the country takes part in tree plantation campaign every month, we will be growing so many trees. We must plant more and more trees and also encourage those around us to do so. It is best to join a nearby NGO working for this cause to work efficiently in this direction. Tree Plantation offers numerous benefits to the mankind and we all are well aware about these.

We also know that a little effort made by each one of us can make a huge difference to the overall environment on Earth. We are dependent upon trees for the production of various goods. Trees provide raw material such as wood, rubber, etc that is turned into furniture, utensils, papers, decorative items and what not.

It is also used in building houses. Trees also bear fruits that are raw or are processed and used in manufacturing jams, jellies, juices, sauces and what not. Many of the items produced with the raw material extracted by trees are exported to other countries to boast businesses and the overall economy of the country. So, the greater number of trees we plant the greater number of such goods we can produce. Trees serve as a habitat for birds as well as a number of animals.

Some of these animals include tree kangaroo, tree frog, spider monkey, flying lemur, green tree python and koala. They live on and around the trees and also get food from them.

Some of these relish the fruits they bear while others love having the green leaves they are full of. Besides, forests are a natural habitat for the wild animals. This is where they dwell. Deforestation has led to the extinction of various species of birds and animals.

Many others are on the verge of extinction. It is natural for the animals and birds to die if we snatch their sources of food and ruin their places of habitat. Tree plantation can help them survive and live peacefully. It is thus important for maintaining biodiversity in the environment. We use trees to make furniture,windows,doors for our domestic use.

Again valuable furniture is made from these trees. We sell some pieces of valuable furniture to foreign countries. Thus trees add beauty to our dwelling places.

Trees bear a great impact on our climate. If we destroy trees at random,one day the country will turn into a great dearest. The country will bear the consequences of green house effect.

Our agriculture is also depend on rain. So trees plays a vital role on our climate. Trees keep the soil strong. Trees save us from flood and many other natural climates. It is needless to speak the importance of trees. It is not possible to describe the importance and uses of trees in world. They are part and parcel in our day to day life. We can not think our existence without trees. We should not use and destroy trees at random. Rather we should plant trees more and for a better and healthier life.

I really hope to see the same high-grade blpg posts by yyou in the future as well. Planting more trees will help and boost our country in the life of today and the new generation. Tree planting is an easy and effective way of beautifying our environment, it provides shades in summer and wind protection in winter….

Bernard Magambo October 2, Singh shilpi June 23, Very nice theory of the topic of tree plantation thank u very much….

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Introductions: Since the dawn of civilization man has a close relation with has made friendship with helps us in many wegostyle.mlrly trees are closely related to our are our plays an important role in our life and economy. Scope of plantation: Bangladesh is lower.

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Without oxygen we cannot live for a moment even. Without oxygen, the animal world will die away. Trees make the oxygen and spreads it in the air. Related Articles: Essay on Pollution of Environment.

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Chapter 1 A pine plantation in the United plantations are usually easily distinguished from natural forests by the trees being planted in straight lines. Introduction A plantation is a long artificially established forest, farm or estate, where crops are grown for sale, often in distant markets rather than for local on-site consumption. Every tree we plant is a breath of life. Let us start digging and bury a seed for the creation of every forest start with a single seed. We will write a custom essay sample on The Importance of Tree Planting specifically for you.

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Tree Plantation Paragraph: Tree plantation means planting trees in a large number. Trees are very important to us in many ways. We can't think our existence without trees. Trees cover a great deal of our food deficiency by providing fruits and vitamins. They supply timber for various uses. Trees prevent soil erosion. Plantation: Essay, Speech, Paragraph, Importance, Short Note Importance of Plantation The trees not only make our soil fertile, 4/5().