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The causes, effects and solutions of divorce Essay

Research Paper on Divorce

❶Divorce doesn't have to be awful The third thing to know about divorce is that it isn't always awful.

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A third theory about the rise in divorce rates is a theory brought on by feminist and individualist theory. This is the idea that more families are converting to a dual-income household; that is; both partners in marriage are working and pursuing separate careers. Some people believe that some of these careers move away from each other and can pull two partners apart so each individual can pursue his or her career. Most dual-income families spend less time together than single income families; therefor these families have less time to grow to love each other and more time to grow apart.

This theory can also be linked to divorce rates in the sense that if you are focused on making a career work, then it becomes more difficult to provide the focus it takes to make a marriage work. People are just giving up on marriage because it has become less important to them than economical status.

The need for dual income families has, indeed, shifted mentalities to economics, rather than marriage or love, and this can impact on existing marriages.

When it became almost necessary for both partners to have careers, a strain was put on marriages, and this strain has aided in the spike of divorce rates. Some people can not adapt, or could not adapt quickly enough to this change, so the force of separate careers pulled couples apart, often times ending marriages in divorce.

A branch of the dual income effect is role conflict. Role conflict exists when there is scarce time to be divided between work and family. This can cause many problems as dual income situations may remove comfort areas of a relationship and, by doing this, a more stressful situation is created, which may eventually lead to divorce.

Each of these theories can provide valuable insight on the rise of divorce rates over the past sixty years, but not one can be considered a cause, and one can not be labeled as more important than the other can.

Feminist theory brings up a good point in the sense that it discusses the liberation of women and the new ideas and rights of women today. The points listed above are solid arguments to support the fact that divorce rates do correlate with the feminist movement. The same can be said for dual income families. One can see that there is a correlation with the movement from traditional families and an increase in divorce rates.

Again, the same can be said for individualism. With society moving from collectivism into individualism, the sense of family solidarity can be lost. This is why all three theories are applicable to the rise of divorce rates, and these rates will continue to rise as societal value changes. You can order a custom essay, term paper, research paper, thesis or dissertation on Divorce topics at our professional custom essay writing service which provides students with custom papers written by highly qualified academic writers.

High quality and no plagiarism guarantee! Order a custom written paper of high quality Professional Writers only. Free Quote or Order now. Marriages in the U. Divorces in New York in the year were 62, Men the age of 45 that are married, the relationship ends in divorce. The father wanted to take care of the baby but in order to take care of the baby the father needed to get married. But after a while they parents start to fight and the kid is in the middle of the controversy. When the kid grows up and their parents are still fighting then the kid will start to develop mental problems like anger short tempers, loneliness, not many friends, and the main probability are the social problems that will affect the kid in a very negative way.

The kid can become a very disturbed person. But he never really forgets about his son or daughter because its stuck in the back of his mind and starts to eat away at his mind.

At this point the mother of the kid is stuck paying for food, clothes, diapers, and other supplies for the baby. In this situation the mother takes the father to court and asks or demands the father to pay child support.

Usually the mother wins the decision and gets the child support from the father to help the kid. Finding out what the problem is, is easiest part. There are many problems with divorce one is economical and the other is social. The economic problem is that divorce is very expensive.

The court costs and the paperwork alone is the most expensive on both parts. On the fathers part the child support is the killer that takes up a lot of the weekly income.

The social problem is that kids develop anger and develop ideas that there is no one that actually trusts the kid. The effects of divorce are that the kid starts to hate the world because of the way he or she was treated when as an adolescent or even younger. There is also evidence that indicates that children whose parents divorce more than once are worse off than children that experienced one parental divorce.

The yelling and screaming can affect the kid in school and at home. In mental ways and social ways. The kid might not want to talk to other people may be shy and inattentive and acts up in school.

Individual adult reactions to divorce and separation vary. The fear of abandonment can cause many problems for the child. Arguments and tension between parents may make children feel guilty, angry, and alone. Trying to make the children take sides or turn against the other parent creates confusion for the children and places them in the middle of an adult struggle. For black girls, the figures are even higher.

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Introduction To Divorce. Mark Dombeck, Ph.D. The topic of divorce would seem to require no introduction. Divorce refers to the often messy and painful end of a marriage. For better or for worse, divorce is a very common event these days. Most everyone has been touched by it, either by going through it themselves as a spouse or a child, or.

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Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Introduction About Divorce.

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Divorce(causes and effects) essays In today. In today's society, divorce is more the norm than ever before. There are as many causes for divorce as there are people who divorce. [tags: Divorce Essays] Good Essays words | ( pages) | Preview. - Introduction Divorce is the most common factor affecting families of today. Though it wasn't relevant two decades ago, spouses are choosing to solve their martial displeasures with divorce. About 40%% of all first marriages and 60% of all second marriages end in divorce.

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For all essays on divorce, operating with current divorce rates statistics (with respect to race, gender, type of marriage, time of occurrence, the place where the family resides, etc. etc.) can be of a great help and support for the writer. Jan 20,  · The thesis which is the last sentence of my introduction has to include an essay map, listing the points you will cover in the order theyw ill appear in your essay. How to write a good introduction on causes and effects of divorce? how to write a good introduction on causes and effects of divorce?Status: Resolved.