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EMF , Terminal Voltage & Internal Resistance of a Cell/Battery

Electromotive Force:

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terminal voltage

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Terminal voltage definition is - the voltage at the terminals of an electrical device (as a battery or a generator).

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Definition of TERMINAL VOLTAGE: The voltage at the terminals of a piece of electrical equipment, eg an electrical machine or a power supply.

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The terminal voltage on each antenna element is composed of the terminal voltage due to the incident wave only in addition to that due to the mutual coupling effect by the other antenna elements. EMF, Terminal Voltage & Internal Resistance of a Cell/Battery April 12, pani Leave a Comment An Electric Cell or Battery is a power generating device which generates an Electromotive Force in between it’s two terminals.

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terminal voltage definition, meaning, English dictionary, synonym, see also 'terminal',terminal market',terminal platform',terminal velocity', Reverso dictionary. Dec 04,  · Best Answer: Terminal voltage is not simply the voltage at "the terminals" and those stating that are just guessing or too uninformed to be answering the question. "Terminal Voltage" is the EMF at the point attached to the source. In a machine, the terminal voltage can, and often does, vary with load Status: Resolved.