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Environmental protection Essay

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❶While developing technologies for the benefit of man, it is also essential to study simultaneously their impact on the environment so that cyclic processes, which the nature has devised for conservation of resources is not affected.

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Adverse effects of human activity on environment
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Acid rain is rain that contains dangerous chemicals, this is caused by smoke from factories. Another problem is poisons in food. Farmer soften spray chemicals in crops to safe them from pests. These chemicals are called pesticides. Scientists have found that pesticides often end up in our food and they can cause health problems — especially for kids. The seas are in danger. They are filled with poison: Every ten minutes one kind of animal, plant or insect dies out for ever.

And if nothing is done our earth will die in about 30 years from now. So what can we do to protect our environment? They make different organization, whose aim is conservation. Everyday millions people from all over the world do everything to protect our environment , and they need for our help. I think we ought to help them , just to make our future better. Accessed September 14, We will write a custom essay sample on Environmental protection specifically for you.

We usually divide pollution into five main sources: If we want to protect our environment, we need to try our best to prevent pollution. To prevent air pollution: This will prevent fossil fuels from polluting the air. To prevent water pollution: To prevent land pollution: There are also many ways to protect or improve out environment ,such as: Reduce emissions, Natural sources using, Energy saving using, Efficiently energy using, Renewable energy sources using, Waste reducing and recycling bottled water , Reducing pesticides use, Water saving, Forestation, Reducing noise and so on.

So Earth hour is a great activity which aims at encouraging people to save electricity. And I think all of us have the responsibility to save energy and protect the environment. Harmful smoke are being blowout from the chimney. Rubbish is found everywhere. Water has so many different colors. We can see beautiful forests and green lawns.

A man is riding bicycle along with comfortable environment. So what kinds of life do you want? In the end, I just want to make my conclusion. The environment is everything around us — the ground we stand on, the trees we sit under to rest, the water we swim in and clean with and the air we breathe.

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In this essay, it is arguable that the environmental protection is worth for fight due to the several reasons. Firstly, the environmental pollution is one of the main reasons why we should fight to protect environment.

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Environmental protection and the social responsibility of firms: perspectives from law, economics, and business The Ozone Layer and how it effects Earth Environmental pollution: its effects on life and its .

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May 01,  · essay on Environmental Protection In recent years mankind's consciousness has been aroused very strongly about the need for environmental protection and ecological preservation. It is of utmost importance that the people should be aware not only of the problems involved but also of the role to be played in protecting the environment. I’d like to begin by the meaning of “environmental protection”. In my opinion, environmental protection is a practice of protecting the environment, on individual, organizational or governmental level, for the benefit of the natural environment and (or) humans. When it comes to environmental protection, pollution is always mentioned.

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Free environmental protection papers, essays, and research papers. Environment protection is the responsibility of the government. Individual efforts do not count. To what extent do you agree with the above statement?