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Should i do my homework or play video games


❶And how does he do so well even though he doesn't give a poop about his homework?

should i do my homework or play video games

10 reasons should do my homework
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Maybe because he has no stress. My parents wont buy it try ur parents. Finish everything you have to do, chores, homework, whatever. Then play the game anyway if the game is in an area like the living room, wait until they are gone. When they catch you playing, they'll probably be upset, but tell them that you're on top of everything and that you thought it'd be okay.

If they tell you to still stop playing the game, do as they ask. Be compliant, but you don't have to give into everything they say. Keep trying this method over and over.

If your parents are like mine, they'll give up. As long as you are doing fine in school and keep playing anyway, your parents will be tired and figure it's a battle not worth fighting. However, if your parents react very badly to this, try something else. It's not worth getting into a huge fight over either.

My parents are the same way. I don't think I'll ever be able to play on weekdays so I just do something Elsa during the weekdays. Your parents are trying to help you build up good work habits for life. In the long run, the less you play the better you will do in school. When you graduate do you want to be someone? I've wasted so many years playing video games, i regret it..

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Should I Do My Homework Or Play Video Games should i do my homework or play video games You can play games in your leisure time, but not doing homework because you think you are working on your career by playing video games you are delusional.

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Should i do my homework or play video games Games, activities, and resources to help kids learn the multiplication should i do my homework or play video Its the .

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Bbc news get someone to do my assignment uk video games: cause for concern. It should be fun and challengingnot boring. Why does my homework take me so long. Games on: free online should i do my homework games, chat with others in. School bans homework so kids can run and play. In my opinion kids should do homework everyday . Teen secretly playing video games when should be doing homework [closed] up vote 0 down vote favorite. 1. If a son of about 14 years old, using his laptop to do schoolwork, secretly plays video games instead, should it be the parent's responsibility to find this out and stop him? Since he'd be allowed access to his laptop at times other.